Why Choose Swimming School for Your Kids between 3-5 Years Old Age

If you have kids at home who are aged between 3-5 years, you can select appropriate programs for them including swimming, music, yoga, Arts and crafts, story time and cooking classes. If you are looking for swimming classes at Kings Bay, you will get experts who can teach swimming to your kids in this age group. To know about the program details, you must be aware of factors such as the best option for learning how to swim, how often the classes are conducted, and how much practice is required by them.

Importance of Swimming Classes

If you kid acquires swimming skill, he/she can get its benefits throughout a lifetime. However, it takes some serious practice on a regular basis, as it is the only way for developing this skill and maintaining it. If you want your kid to become a swimming champ, the best way is to make him/her practice it as often as possible.

There is no particular season to learn but if you are looking for a swimming school for your kid's enrollment, the months between April and June is best. To ensure the safety of your kid around any kind of water bodies, such as pool, river, lake, sea or pond, it's your duty to get them trained from a reputed school, for effective and quick learning.

In any nation, drowning has become one of the leading causes of accidental death in kids below the age group of 10 years old. As a parent, the best thing you can do is to get them enrolled in swimming classes, so as to prevent them from drowning. As per the research conducted by American Academy of Pediatrics, kids who are enrolled in formal swimming lessons, have reduced drowning risk up to 88%.

Reason to learn swimming

The following are some of the major reasons on why you should get your kids into swimming lessons:

Reduces drowning risk

As your kids get older, they are likely to spend more time outside your watchful eyes and be near water in your absence. For instance, if your kid plans to go for a trip near the beaches with his/her friends, swimming skills can ensure safety and reduce the risk of drowning incidents. By enrolling them into proper training schools, you can be tension free and relax back at home, when your kids are outside.

Builds Stronger Body

If your child maintains a regular swimming practice session, it will provide a total body workout for him/her. This skill will strengthen every body parts starting from core to the arms and the legs. During this session, the entire muscles lot are working together as they practice kicking, pushing and pulling their ways through the water. It provides full-body exercise for him/her and helps to build triceps and biceps muscles. It also strengthens the portions from abdominals to hamstrings in the body. It provides an alternative cardiovascular activity to running, hence goes easily on your kid's joints, as there is not much foot-to-cement impact. It will help your kid to be strong, long and flexible.

Perform Better in School

There is a saying that pool time can be translated into higher marks and better performance at school. There are scientific links between swimming and better academic results. As per research studies, it has been observed that children who practiced swimming during their initial development years have achieved various mental as well as physical milestones faster as compared to their non-swimming counterparts. Researchers have also found that the learning instructions provided during swimming lessons can encourage their learning process in classrooms.

Benefits in Other Sports

If your child is good at swimming, it enhances him/her in other sports or activities as well. Learning simple swimming techniques efficiently can encourage your child to explore backstroke, freestyle, butterfly stroke and breaststroke techniques as well. It will provide them to participate in swim teams and compete in various events.

At Kings BayY, you can get learning session from both the swimming school and Kids R Us for your child. It will enable your 3-5 years old to learn things that will benefit them throughout their lives.


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